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Christenberry at the Museum!


“This is and always will be where my heart is. It is what I care about. Everything I want to say through my work comes out of my feelings about that place–its positive aspects and its negative aspects.” – William Christenberry

This sentiment, expressed by the artist William Christenberry (1936 – 2016) in an interview with American Suburb X about working in his home state of Alabama, is central to the Mobile Museum of Art’s new exhibition, CHRISTENBERRY: In Alabama. The exhibition honors Christenberry’s lifelong “love affair” with the rural South, his sense of home and family, and the various Alabama institutions’ dedicated support of the artist and his work—an all too perfect way to kick off Alabama’s Bicentennial celebration.

Hailed as “one of the most respected and influential artists of the modern South,” by the Washington Post and the artist whose iconic photographs have been described by Walker Percy as a “poetic evocation of a haunted countryside,” William Christenberry has received national recognition for his work, even though its subject matter stays within the state lines. Christenberry lived and taught in Washington D.C., but he made annual pilgrimages back to Alabama to make his iconic work.

The exhibition at MMofA feels as if you are walking through an intimate portrait of the artist, his personal relationship with his family, and his professional one with the various Alabama institutions who collected his work; but it is also a tribute to the state itself, its past—both good and bad—and hopeful future.

CHRISTENBERRY: In Alabama is now on view at Mobile Museum of Art through June 4, 2017. For hours and information, go to http://www.mobilemuseumofart.com.



Sweet Symphony!

The exemplary musicians that comprise the Mobile Symphony Orchestra have exposed Mobile to beautiful live symphonic music since 1970 and they just keep getting better and better!

The upcoming concerts for this year offer a little something for everyone.  Kids, adults and families alike will enjoy!

First up.


October 14 


Parents, kids are going to love this! Selections from Finding Nemo, Ratatouille, A Bugs Life, Cars, The Incredibles, Monster’s Inc. and more! A multimedia concert featuring a movie projection screen above the orchestra! {HOW COOL?!}

Then, in November.


November 19 & 20

1812 FI

The Beethoven & Blue Jeans series explodes beyond the thrill of the master’s Piano Concerto No. 4. Expect musical fireworks with one of Tchaikovsky’s best known works – the 1812 Overture!


Rounding out the concerts for 2016 is a big one.


December 10 & 11 

Swinging Xmas

The popular Boston Brass joins the Mobile Symphony Orchestra with their own big and fiery arrangements of holiday classics to fill your Christmas with energy and excitement.

These concerts will definitely send us into 2017 on the right note! For a list of their 2017 concerts, visit HERE.

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5 Times FIVE Made us Drool

If you haven’t checked out one of Mobile’s newest restaurants, FIVE, you’re probably about to start making plans to do so.

FIVE is making some incredibly delicious food and the photos they are putting on Instagram are home-runs!

Go ahead and get a snack. Because you’re going to be hungry once you start scrolling.


Yes, please.





Can we just dive into this saucy pool of goodness?





Well, hello there you crispy thing, you.





I’m sorry, we haven’t met yet. I’m famished. What’s your name?






And all the hungry people said, Amen {and goodnight.}


Thank you FIVE for making all of us starving!

Five is located in Downtown Mobile at 609 Dauphin Street! Make plans to dine with them ASAP!


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See Mobile!

We want everyone who visits Mobile to be able to SEE Mobile! And, we are lucky to have awesome partners who want the same thing!

When it comes to sight-seeing vehicles, we’ve got you covered. They each provide a fun, unique and special experience when seeing Mobile.

Meet the fleet!

Bay City Conventions & Tours

With Bay City, you’ll be in great hands! Carol and Ross know Mobile and will treat you like family! They have daily sightseeing tours that depart from Fort Condé Welcome Center, Mon – Sat, 10:30am and 2:00pm. Sunday, 2:00pm.  {They also do Ghost tours depart Mon – Fri, 7pm. More on this later!}  Reservations are recommended.

Gulf Coast Ducks

If you haven’t heard about the ducks, you’ll want to start HERE.  Then come back, of course! These amphibious vehicles will let you see Mobile from both land and water!  Tours are available all day and they are open seven days a week! Purchase your tickets HERE.

Gulf Coast Tours

Gulf Coast Tours Trolley

This is probably one of the most charming ways to see Mobile. These trolleys are Mobile’s only hop-on/hop-off sightseeing tour!  Tours begin at Fort Condé Welcome Center, but board at any of our 14 locations including the USS ALABAMA, GulfQuest, Oakleigh Mansion, Battle House Hotel, Carnival Museum, Bienville Square, Washington Square, Mobile Convention Center and more!

Historic Mobile Tours

Seeing Mobile with Craig Roberts is something everyone should experience. He’s sharp, witty and knows Mobile like the back of his hand! See seven historic districts with selections from over 6,000 structures and two national landmarks listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Tours also include public buildings, churches, homes and many historic sites.

There you have it!

You’re ready to book your sight-seeing tour for your trip to Mobile, right?


Ten Sixty Five Parties On!

Last year a celebration happened. A celebration that was planned and executed almost overnight. A celebration to heal our broken hearts after our beloved BayFest ended its 20-year run. The celebration was a street party with live music and good company that left us hoping for many more to come.

That celebration was called Ten Sixty Five. And, Ten Sixty Five is back.

1065 logo

{Why Ten Sixty Five you ask? Well, that’s because Mobile is situated where interstates 10 and 65 intersect. Clever name, right?}

Ten Sixty Five is a free music festival and laid back block party in the streets of Downtown Mobile.  That’s right — we said FREE.

The weekend-long party celebrates music, local artists and makers and of course, locally owned establishments in Downtown Mobile on September 30th, October 1st and 2nd, 2016.

The festival showcases local, regional, and national bands on two main stages. Did we mention it’s FREE?

Here is the lineup for this year’s festival:

1065 Friday1065 Saturday1065 Sunday




And here’s the lineup with the schedule!


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PokemonGo in Mobile!


If you haven’t heard about PokemonGo — let’s get you up to speed real quick. PokemonGo was only announced {in the U.S.} just a little over a week ago and has taken us by storm. It’s interactive, addicting and has us all running around crazy over Pokemon! It quickly jumped to the #1 {free} app on I Tunes and is currently still holding the #1 spot.

This is a big deal, y’all. A big and very fun deal!

Since everyone is going crazy over PokemonGo — we asked our hotel, restaurant and attraction friends to help us point y’all in the right direction on catching as many Pokemon as your hearts desire.

Here’s what we have found out so far. {This list will be constantly updated as more information rolls in.}

Bellingrath Gardens and Home has three Gyms, at least 17 PokeStops and a lot of Pokemon to catch. Of those Pokemon found, there are quite a few that are incredibly rare, including the Magicarp (apparently only found near water) and then a couple of his friends — Exeggcute, an Eevee, a Paras and an Ekans.

Pokemon Bellingrath Gardens.png
One of their many Poke Stops

Dauphin Island Sea Lab and the entire island itself is a hot spot for all Pokemon Go. The Estuarium at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab is one of two Gyms on the east end of Dauphin Island- Fort Gaines being the other. The Estuarium Living Marsh Boardwalk includes several PokeStops and several Pokemon.

Pokemon at the Sea Lab

Fuego Coastal Mexican Eatery has one PokeStop. So grab a margarita and get to collecting some PokeBalls to take down the Pokemon you find!

Gulf Coast Exploreum & Science Center has a PokeStop and some elusive Pokemon to catch!

Pokemon at the Exploreum 2

Gulf Coast Ducks has access to 18 PokeStops. In order to get to all of the PokeStops in Mobile — you have to get on the water. So, hop on a duck and let them give you a tour of Mobile AND rack up on some PokeBalls or catch those Pokemon that can only be found on water.

GulfQuest National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico  has two PokeStops. One is the Museum and the other is the Fountain at the Museum. The Arthur R. Outlaw Convention Center is the closest Gym– so you can stop by GulfQuest, travel through Cooper Riverside Park (which has a few PokeStops) and then battle the Gym leader at the Convention Center.

Cooper Riverside Park
Found this guy lingering outside of GulfQuest

Hank Aaron Stadium {home of the Mobile BayBears} has 3 PokeStops and a gym. In fact, they are staging a PokemonGo Night during their game this Saturday where they will be releasing lure modules throughout the game.

Hank Aaron Stadium 1

History Museum of Mobile has 1 PokeStop and the Fort Conde Welcome Center  has 4!

Pokemon at the Welcome Center
Caught this guy at the Fort Conde Welcome Center

USS ALABAMA Battleship Memorial Park has PokeStops all throughout the ship on all decks.

Kids exploring the USS ALABAMA while catching Pokemon.

Downtown Mobile has the greatest concentration of PokeStops and Pokemon to catch in Mobile. So get downtown to visit our restaurants, bars, attractions and catch them all!

To help get your bearings — the darker patch of green in the images below is Bienville Square.

Pokemon DowntownDowntown Mobile Pokemon

Closest patch of dark green is Bienville Square the furthest is Cathedral Square!

Fish Taco Frenzy

Here’s the deal – we love a fish taco.

Soft, crispy, baked, fried, blackened.

Garnished with arugula, spring mix or cabbage.

Topped with fresh mango salsa, fiery hot salsa or smooth tomatillo salsa.  

There just isn’t a fish a taco we don’t want to dive into! 

And… we did.   We ate our way through the fish taco scene and happy to report, that although our waistline is a little bigger, we have some SCRUMPTIOUS options when you visit Mobile!

OK Bicycle Shop

*Two words: Avocado cream. We almost asked for some in a bowl so we could just eat it with a spoon.

Fish Taco - Bike Shop
Crispy Fish Taco


Wintzell’s Oyster House

*Perfectly blackened fish with cold pico de gallo and fresh purple cabbage. It’s a perfect taco.

Fish Taco - Wintzells
Blackened Fish Tacos


The Royal Scam 

*We weren’t sure if it was the pickled cabbage or the lime cilantro crème fraiche  but something about this taco made us want to jump up and do a happy dance.

Fish Taco - Royal Scam
Lightly Blackened Fish Tacos


Fuego Coastal Mexican Eatery

*This is a big ole mess of the best kind. SO much of everything. It’s a thick piece of delicious Mahi-Mahi with a heaping mound of jicama slaw topped with a spicy cilantro aioli that starts to drip down your hand. And, you’re okay with that because it’s literally finger-licking good!

Fuego Fish Taco 2
Mahi-Mahi Baja Tacos


Von’s Bistro

*This taco is quite different from the above mentioned….but equally amazing. {If you like cilantro -this will be your best friend.} The Asian flavors really come through with  this dish and the cool cucumber really hits this taco out of the park.

Von's Fish Tacos


There you have it –there’s our round-up of Fish Tacos for you to devour! But.. these are just starting points because there are plenty more fish tacos to eat in Mobile! Take a look at all of our restaurants to really dive into the Fish Taco scene!

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