Dauphins is a Delight!

Bob Baumhower opened his newest restaurant in Downtown Mobile a couple of months ago and we are still talking about it.

The views.  We can’t get over the views.  They are extraordinary. We’re talking about perfect views of Downtown Mobile from the 34th floor of the RSA Trustmark Building.

See what we mean?

Dauphins Restaurant 2Dauphins Restaurant 1


Gorgeous, right?!  And, that’s just the view.  We haven’t even made it to the main event.


The food is out-of-this-world.  This creole and soul inspired menu is a pure delight, y’all.  

Take a look at some of their dishes:

Dauphins Restaurant 2 CR Visit MobileDauphins Restaurant 1 CR Visit MobileDauphins 5 CR Visit MobileDauphins Restaurant 4 CR Visit Mobile

Check out their menu and make plans to dine at Dauphins immediately!

–Visit Mobile

One thought on “Dauphins is a Delight!”

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