In case you missed the news — Friday night {December 11} is ELFAPALOOZA!

Elfapalooza 2014 3

No, you didn’t read that incorrectly.

On Friday night the streets of Downtown Mobile will be taken over by elves on a serious mission to break a Guinness World Record. Last year, we attempted.  This year, we hope to succeed.

Here’s the breakdown:

The Guinness World Record being attempted is for the largest number of elves in one location.

You can’t come dressed in just anything. You must be dressed in proper elf attire.   Yes, there is proper elf attire. And, it’s pretty awesome.  

A pointy hat and ears are a necessity if you want to be counted as an elf. So don’t forget those two things!

Elfapalooza 2014


But, you don’t have to be as decked out as this guy. 

Begin to make your way to Bienville Square  at 5:30pm where officials will begin counting.  Everyone will be entertained by a wide variety of holiday performances until the official count at 7:00pm where ALL elves MUST be in place!

Once the count is complete, that doesn’t mean the night is over!  Artwalk will be happening – so grab some dinner, walk around and enjoy Downtown Mobile during the best time of the year!

So, are you ready to get your Elf on?

See you Friday night!  Be sure to take lots of photos and tag them #SoMobile!

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