Triple your Mobile Mardi Gras Loot!

It’s not a secret that a big part of America’s Original Mardi Gras is catching as many beads, moonpies and stuffed animals as possible!  But, it’s only the truly dedicated that know how to hit up a single parade multiple times to maximize their haul!

Our looping parade routes make it easy, so show up downtown early and follow these instructions. Although Route A is shown in the map, this should work for any parade routes except for Route D.


1. Start on the corner of Church and Claiborne Streets to catch the parade as it is beginning.
2. Head to Government Street and wait for the parade to pass by again. The intersection doesn’t really matter; pick your favorite!
3. Wait around 20-30 minutes for the parade to loop back around on Government Street. Stay in the same spot, or change it up! We suggest checking out the scenic Spanish Plaza at Government and South Hamilton Street.


Run as fast as possible back to #1 in order to catch the parade right as it is ending. If you do that, you would have caught the parade four times and you would be a Mobile Mardi Gras BOSS!

And that’s it!  Happy Mardi Gras!

One thought on “Triple your Mobile Mardi Gras Loot!”

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